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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 28, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> did that help? >> it help add -- helped a lot. >> i had picture add small arrow going through her lower leg, i did not picture what i saw. >> this happened on tuesday. doctors were able to surgically remove it without problems. she is fine. she is even going to be in school today. but the mystery remains, where did this arrow come from? who shot it? bliss -- police say they have in suspects. the investigation continues. live from san rafael for abc7 news. >> the district attorney and detectives are investigating san jose's third police shooting of this month. an officer fired on a suspect yesterday afternoon after police say a woman in a stolen car tried to run an officer down. they say the woman reversed the car and hit the officer as he approached the vehicle.
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the officer then shot her at least once. a man sitting in the passenger seat was injured but it is not clear if he was shot. both went to the hospital but police say they will recover. the for was not seriously injured. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have the latest in the next half hour. >> four children, one only 13, led police on a chase down highway 101 yesterday. the three teenage boys and a girl all from san jose are now accused stealing a car and running from police. sky 7 was over seen just as the chase ended in redwood city, the 14-year-old boy behind the wheel started running from police by foster city after they spotted the stolen car. >> people hoping to reduce gun violence are planning ever developments across the country today. today is the national day to demand action, a bay area group is planning to rally outside the san francisco office of senator feinstein this morning in support of her efforts to pass legislation against gun violence. more than 100 events are landed across the country.
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the obama administration says that it is not giving up on an assault weapons behalf although senate majority leader harry reid says there are not enough votes to support it. >> the concord city council is banning residents from growing marijuana if their yards, after discussing and debating the ban. it amends the city code to prohibit all outdoor marijuana growing even for medical purposes. the ordinance was models after the ban adopted in 50 other cities and counties around the state that outlaud or limit cultivation. >> dog sniffing dogs will visit schools starting in may. officials approved a program to test whether using dogs to detect drugs and other contraband can make campuses safer and keep kids in school. the santa cruz sentinel says drug sniffing dogs will be deployed at new school, and
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academic vocational charter institute because the principals at the sites requested hit. >> the busiest firehouse in america has a new home today a ribbon cutting is scheduled for san francisco's new firehouse one this morning. it moves from the old location on howard street to a brand new station a few blocks away between 5th and 6th allowing the museum of modern art to expand. the san francisco mayor will be on hand to help cut the ribbon with more than 9,000 service calls it is the busiest in the united states. >> and a busy traffic area, as well. >> we will check in with our meteorologist, lisa argen with the bay bridge series, pre-season series, so pretty exciting stuff. >> what will be the weather be like? >> i cannot tell you how great the colors look. we are looking at a high showers along the santa cruz mountains with mild temperatures.
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fog is with us, so visibility is reduced. we will look for the chance of showers throughout the day, and it should be winding down for the game tonight. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, you can see the headlights there and the poor visibility with the fog, temperatures are very mild, low 50's in santa rosa and 56 in union city. and the fog gives us 2 1/2 miles visibility in san carlos and six miles in concord and it could be reduced. cloudy and in the 50's and a chance of a shower today, and mild out there with upper 50's coast, and upper 60's around the bay and near 70 inland. passing showers throughout the evening hours, so we will keep it in the forecast tonight, although it should be cloudy and mild at the ball park with numbers tomorrow spending to sunshine, and very mild, in the 70's, and by the weekend, the holiday weekend, a chance of a shower and mid-to-upper 60's and it looks like anywhere from a quarter to half inch of rain, and even the possibility of a thunderstorm on easter sunday.
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>> this morning, we have the pleasure of introducing you to the newest member of our morning news team, leyla gulen, our new traffic reporter to tell you how to get where you are going. >> thank you very much for having me, eric and kristen. >> our pleasure. great to wake up and see you. >> it just got more beautiful. thank you for joining us. >> who are you talking about? >> come on, eric. good morning, everyone, i am thrilled to be in san francisco and the bay area. it is absolutely beautiful and a thrill and i am honored to be part of this wonderful team and i can't wait to see my first giants' game. >> a chance tonight, tomorrow night, and sunday at the colisieum. there will be traffic issues around the ballpark. >> there will be. there are traffic issues now. let's go to the map and look at what is happening. >> we have a sig-alert this through burlingame southbound direction, 101, at product way.
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we have a few lanes, but we are seeing brake lights southbound. northbound we could have a little pick of spectator slowing out there. we do have some rain in the area, northbound 17 through the santa cruz mountains with slow downs as a result of the accident. >> leyla, good do have you here. >> right now, how low can it go? dire predictions for the state's water situation ahead of a key test today. >> back to court, what lawyers for the marin teen accused of stealing a tv chef's sports car will ask a judge. first, though, america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's minute, keeping an eye on cyprus, the island nation banks are re-opening this morning in the aftermath of a huge bailout. global investors are worried there could be a run on the banks and the crisis could spread. >> the merger between american airlines and us airways has
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blessing of federal bankruptcy judge but he is skeptical about a $20 million severance package for the american c.e.o. >> gas prices are falling headed into easter weekend at $3.65 for an average, less than a week ago, and the average baseball major league team is now worth almost three quarters of a billion, which is 23 percent more than last year. the most valuable teams are the boston red sox, los angeles dodgers and the new york yankees. that is america's money. that is america's money. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. it is 5:12. it looks dreamy in this live picture of the golden gate bridge with traffic and cars headed toward the toll plazas that are not manned by anyone. all electronic now. second full morning of this. going well so far. as for the clouds and the sprinkles out there we are check ing with lisa argen and talk to our new traffic reporter, leyla gulen. >> one letter difference between dreamy and dreary. >> judge will consider a change of venue request from the attorney for a teenage accused of stealing a fancy car saying
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he cannot get a fair trial because of all of the publicity. he is accused of stealing a celebrity's chefs sports car to impress a girl and trying to kill the girl and her boyfriend. the attorney says that extensive media coverage of the case could taint the jury pool and wants the two cases tried separately. >> los angeles police are searching if two men who forcibly kidnapped a 10-year old girl from her bedroom. yesterday morning. she was found more than 11 hours later after someone recognized her wandering outside a starbucks store six miles from her home in north ridge. she was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises and she said she did not know the men who held her in a house all day before dropping her off at the hospital. police recovered one of the two vehicles they believe were involved and they have cordoned off several crime scenes at the investigation continues. >> in the north bay, two leaks have been fixed that allows thousands of gallons of saw
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sewage to spill into san rafael creek. 3,600 gallons of sewage leaked into the creek over the past 60 days. the first report of a leak came in january 26, and a second came in a week ago today. the district is urging people to call if they see, smell, or hear water coming from manholes or pipes because it could be contaminated. >> officials will conduct the season's next to last snow survey. officials expect manual measurements will confirm electronic readings showing the snow pack is well below normal. the water content is thought 54 percent of normal. but most key reservoirs are above or near historic levels for this time of year. the snow pack normally provides about a third of california's drinking water. >> it hasn't been great. a little bit this week helped but it is too warm. >> temperatures are in the 50's and although we are getting
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spring-like showers, we are only talking traits -- trace amounts. live doppler 7 hd is picking up a few showers along the santa cruz mountains and the low level moisture that is not being detected by the radar. under the beam, the mist and drizzle and clouds with some fog, reducing visibility. here is the golden gate bridge where we do have a little bit of wet pavement but you may notice how mild it is, union city, good morning, 56 degrees and 55 in los gatos with 54 in napa. here is a look in the east bay, right now there are no problems but with the cloudy skies, perhaps, some of the visibilities will slow you down from time to time. be careful. 54 at half moon bay and san francisco. the forecast chance of sprinkles and isolated shower today right around game time, we should be dry but there is still a possibility of a sure, a brief warm-up on the way tomorrow and scattered showers for easter weekend and the best chance of
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rain comes in saturday into sunday. here is a look at the pacific satellite and plenty of cloud cover being pushed up in advance of this system and so the moist southwest flow keeping the numbers very mild and the possibility of a shower. here we go through the day, hour by hour, you will notice this morning with the cloud cover we could see a sprinkle by point reyes to the east bay, and by the afternoon hours, we still have clouds and some of the clouds thin out in the east bay with showers in the higher elevations of the east bay and the north bay. by the evening, it is looking better so to we do see anything it will be brief and it should be light. temperatures today are in the low 60's in san francisco, and mild to muggy along the coast, and 70's santa cruz and san jose, with upper 60's for napa and antioch and the ballgame tonight, the sun is setting after 7:00, and mostly cloudy conditions with the upper 50's and well look if a game time
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throughout the afternoon and evening hours to drop the temperatures through the 50's and it will be comfortable. looking ahead, then, with a slight chance of a shower and upper 60's to near 70's and brief warm-up tomorrow up to four to six degrees warmer and isolated showers on saturday, and possibility of a thunderstorm on sunday and we are dry out and warming up next week. leyla gulen is here with a check on the only commute. >> good morning, everyone, speaking of wet pavement, it looks like that could be the cause of a crash i will tell you about through the santa cruz mountains but a sig-alert southbound 101 at broadway, we have two lanes blocked because of a crash out here, and heavy backup coming from millbrae. as we move over to the santa cruz mountains this is along northbound 17 beyond summit road, we have two accidents in the same area, and we are looking at a little bit of volume they are building just north of 35 so watch out if that. a quick look at travel times, 101 looking clear between 380
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and 92, eight minutes and 580, also moving along at top speeds. kristen and eric? >> 5:18. >> i personally don't know anything about this but more women are choosing beer over wine as beverage of choice. >> and twitter is expecting a windfall from rising ad sales. >> incredible journey this camera took without any human help, how it finally ended up in the hands of its rightful owner. >> on "katie" drew barry more opens up about motherhood and [ dog barking ]
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>> welcome back. twitter prospect for going public are looking brighter. the social media company ad revenue could hit $1 billion next year and $1.3 billion the year after mostly from mobile advertising, a steep jump given that two years ago twitter had virtually no ad revenue. they have not released a timetable for initial public offering. >> teens are feeling more optimistic about their federal future. here is the bloomberg business report. >> teens get a bad rap to texting and driving but the abilities are the worse, what of adult admit to texting behind the wheel. pretty much all know it is wrong but continue to do it. teens more optimistic about their financial future but maybe that is because more expect to rely on their parents. all state found one in four teens think they will be 25 before becoming financially independent from mom and dad.
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up 112 percent from 2011. the rivalry between apple and samsung is more intense on twitter, with data showing analysts reporting that apple iphone 5 mentioned 2.4 million times in betweens during the baby in september, five times more compared to when samsung galaxy was unveiled this month indicating there is still more mass appeal for the iphone. there is concern over the european debt crisis and we had a weak report on pending home sales for february. last, more women are enjoying a nice cold bother than ever before. beer has edged out wine as the beverage of choice for women ages 18 to 34 because of the growing popularity of craft beers. that is the bloomberg business report. >> i am sure lots of beer will be consumed at at&t u-verse park. >> but it will not be less filling. on the way to the park what will the weather be like?
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>> on the way do work we are looking at damp conditions and the possibility of poor visibility with all the clouds and live doppler 7 hd showing in the santa cruz mountains the radar is picking up a few returns but the radar underneath has low level moisture and the southern flow keeping us mild this morning, up to six degrees warmer in the livermore valley. look at napa, temperatures are in the 50's for everyone so starting out mild, a lost cloud cover today, it will thin out in the afternoon keeping the risk of showers in the forecast throughout the day and in tahoe and 54 there and 62 on the coast and the numbers ranging from the upper 50's sure line to mid-70's inland and bet chance of showers over the weekend and we have a dry day tomorrow where numbers are in the 70's with more sunshine and the possibility of a thunderstorm headed our way for easter sunday. leyla gulen is checking in with our commute this morning. >> his -- lisa, good morning. in bulge game you do not want to
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be there at broadway two or three lanes are blocked. there are heavy backups from millbrae. the northbound traffic is not affected. one lane is re-opened northbound 17 through the santa cruz mountains and one lane is re-opened with no injuries. that is good news to report. finally, this is the golden gate bridge, foggy out there so make sure you use the low beams and not the high beams this morning. kristen and eric? >> google is getting former residents of a japanese town ravaged by tsunami a look at their former home. google cameras and street map technology have shot images of the town in the fukushima area where 21,000 people lived before the 2011 surge and meltdown that forced everyone out. residents can fought run for years. at least they can new get a virtual look at their home.
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>> speaking of title action, six years after a woman from georgia lost her underwater camera in hawaii, it washed up on a beach 6,000 miles appear in taiwan. lindsay says certificate -- her camera slipped off her wrist and thought it was gone until a man found it on the beach in taiwan. camera what ruined but the card was not. he took it to the news station and the photos were viral posted on the web. >> he sent me a message on facebook and i was floored, these are my pictures and it brought back a lost memories of thinks we had done that i forgot. >> it turns out the man works for china airlines and the carrier is flying lindsay to taiwan, for free, so she can meet the good mayor is dan -- meet the good samaritan and reunite with her battered camera. >> it took six years to get through but it got there.
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>> another health set back for nelson mandela with new details on what landed the nobel peace prize winner in the hospital. >> developing news from the east bay where police are looking for the driver would hit a woman in a parking lot. we will have the latest on her condition.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning, thanks for waking up early and joining us. >> there are sprinkles this morning. where can we find them, lisa? >> let's look. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd showing radar is showing the sprinkles right now in the santa cruz mountains but there are more all throughout the bay area with the
5:27 am
low level moisture, the southern winds bringing in a mild start and we are talking about low-to-mid 50's with fog. here is a look at the bay bridge where temperatures are very mild, 54 in napa and you may run into an isolated shower. a lot of cloud cover to start the day. that is keeping the chance of showers in the forecast through the afternoon. it winds down in the evening hours. 50's to start out. upper 50's to near 70, pretty muggy out there. we will see a few bits of sun and a slight chance for showers tonight in the forecast. leyla gulen? how is the commute? >> as we look right now through burlingame the sig-alert has canceled at broadway. northbound is not seeing problems moving to sfo. i want to take you outside, and a look at the drive into the macarthur maze with tail lights headed in the westbound
5:28 am
direction looking at clear conditions. headlights are not too bad, either. kristen and eric? >> developing news from san jose this morning. detectives are investigating a police police officer's shooting of a suspect, the third time it has happened in the city in a month. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live if san jose near where the female subject was wounded. >> i have a call into the san jose police department to check on the investigation and also on everyone's injuries because, remember, not only was the woman shot but the officer was hurt as well as the male passenger in the car. i have not heard back from the police department yet. last check, we understood that everyone was going to survive. look at this video from sky 7. this is the scene yesterday afternoon at 4:30. the red car on the driveway, that is an allegedly stolen car. when it was reported in the neighbor, police arrived. they came upon it, the woman would was behind the wheel actually started moving the car,
5:29 am
backing it up and moving it forward and hit the officer. that officer says he had no choice, he opened fire and did shoot the woman. it is the third-officer involve shooting this month. >> the incident is different. each is different. they will investigate as we normally do. >> as i said, the officer is going to be okay as is the woman who was shot and her passenger. the for is on paid leave this morning. homicide detectives and the d.a. are now in charge of the investigating of the shooting. the other two shootings in san jose were on the second and on the 18th. in both those cases the suspect was killed. >> developing news from san leandro where authorities are investigating a hit-and-run accident that sent a woman to the hospital. it happened shortly before midnight in the parking lot of a market on east 14th street near 167th avenue.
5:30 am
paramedics took the victim to the hospital where moderate injuries. a witness says the woman walking with a cane was hit by a car backing from a parking space. that driver stopped for a moment to see what happened and drove off. the vehicle was described as a faded blue buick or oldsmobile. >> more developing new from presidio where one was injured after a will wouldover accident on southbound highway one. emergency crews uprighted the car and rescued the driver and the person was taken to san francisco general hospital. >> supporters of transgender people will rally in san francisco today in response to a spike in attacks. according to the san francisco examiner, a mission district-based organization for transgender women says there have been four major incidents since january. officials say it is difficult to measure the exact number of attacks because most go unreported. they say victims are embarrassed
5:31 am
or do not trust the police. the rally is at 6:30 at mission and 16th. >> a san rafael girl runs to school after recovering from being shot with an arrow on a school field trip. the 8-year-old girl talked with abc7 news after returning home from the hospital. nadine showed us the bandages where doctors remove add --ry -- remove add 20" arrow. she was shot by an arrow from a crossbow. >> we do not know where it came from. it was really strange to have an arrow if my leg. >> how bad did it hurt? >> it hurt really bad. >> police are still trying to find out where the arrow came from. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have more on the ordeal in any way nadine's own
5:32 am
words. a canadian man is arrested for a second time for having relations with a san rafael teen. the 26-year-old was arrested a week ago after he flew to the bay area to have sex with the girl the he made bail that night but after detectives say they found child pornography on a mobile device that he owned they had him rearrested in san diego. >> the supreme court will meet later this week to take a first vote on the two same-sex marriage cases they heard this week. yesterday, the court heard arguments on the federal defense of marriage act. abc7 news reporter was there. >> what was going through your mind as the sat in court today? >> i felt very serious. very serious. >> the 83-year-old is the face lined the doma lawsuit, the challenge to the 1996 defense of marriage act. the law denies federal benefits
5:33 am
for legally married same-sex couples. here is ruth bader ginsburg. >> you are saying no, there are two kinds of marriage, full marriage, and then this sort of skim milk marriage. >> that phrase skim milk marriage has taken off on twitter. after the justices vote if they decide not to hear the cases they will craft their decision expected to come out in late june. we have posted the audio from the two hearings on >> now a check on 9 weather this thursday morning. what did you see on the way to work? >> a few rain drops and some wet ground. >> me, too! >> lisa? >> me, three. we are looking at a few areas of light sprinkles. in the santa cruz mountains around boulder creek, scotts valley, some of the enhancement has been increased because of
5:34 am
the lift of clouds and the possibility of more showers through the day with five to six degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. in napa everyone is in the low-to-mid 50's, so grab the umbrella just in case and low-to-mid 50's and mid-60's throughout the noon hour and continued chance of a shower, and we will hook for numbers to decline to near 70 and san jose is 68 in concord and upper 50's at our coast and by this evening, just a slim chance of a shower, tomorrow we are dry, it and a warm-up with mid-70's around the bay, and better chance of rain coming our way on saturday and, in fact, thunderstorms are possible, scattered anyway, by easter sunday great a .25" to .5" of rain throughout the weekend with this next week. back to you, eric and christian and -- kristen and our new traffic member. >> who is this nice lady over here? >> just wandered in. >> leyla gulen, welcome. >> as lisa mentioned, the newest
5:35 am
member of our abc7 news traffic team. tell us about you. >> i am happy to be back in the bay area. i spent time here a while ago attending the san francisco ballet school and i fell in love with this city right then and there. it has been so wonderful to come back and to be reinvograted we the energy it provides. it is a wonderful place to be. >> so that is the explanation when i said you dance across the big board gratefulfully. >> i don't know about that, but i hung up my pointe shoes but i can still people. >> we were at the ballet school at the same time. >> of court. >> a pax de deux. >> and southbound 101 at broadway, a brand new problem. and the drive from tracy is looking slow along westbound 580
5:36 am
with dimin diminished speeds westbound direction but they will pick up at the altamont pass and it is clear into dublin/pleasanton. as you jump to the tunnel, another crash out there westbound 24 and it is blocking one lane and we have a little bit of construction until 6:00 a.m. and southbound 101 you is to watch out with one lane blocked at sir francis trick. >> we are into baseball with hague -- with leyla gulen getting us in the spirit. there are three games between the giants and the a's. >> google wants to change the way you hook at eyewear and what
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. >> that is with the embarcardero and the bay bridge, what they look like on this thursday morning. we will look at remark and weather in a couple of minutes and let you know what going on.
5:40 am
>> new this morning, former south africa president nelson mandela is back in the hospital with another lung infection. he was admitted before midnight. according to the south africa government the 94-year-old is conscious and aware. a presidential spokesman said given his age and history doctors are being cautious. thants apartheid icon has been in and out of the hospital since december for the same lung infection. mandela spent 27 years in prison before becoming south africa's first democratically elected president. he won the nobel peace prize in 1993. >> and menlo park-based company is building a 22-west campus shiite is building another campus, 433,000 square for the building and build by a famed
5:41 am
architecture and an underground tunnel will connect not campuses. >> google glasses will bring new jobs to the silicon valley assembled in santa clara at a factory that will be run by taiwan-based company contractor known for making iphones and ipads in china. this is a major boost for united states electronic manufacturing. tech companies have assembled their products in asia. this week google started notifying winners of the contest to test out the glasses and they will pay $1,500 to test drive the spectacles. >> the ravens fan accused of ripping off a woman in san francisco over super bowl tickets, and is in custody in florida waiting for extradition to the bay area. authorities think he scammed others before being arrested. >> i am so happy. the main goal was to get him
5:42 am
behind bars and make that he doesn't do this to someone el from what they are saying, he has been doing it for a while. >> she is relieved. she is a diehard niners fan who lost almost $6,000 she shot -- thought she was buying for the big game but instead she got a nasty note. it took two months to track him through multiple internet addresses and various bank accounts. ticket master and the team gave her ticket toes super bowl. >> baseball is in the spot light today. major league baseball runs to the bay area tonight with the first game of the bay bridge series pre-season between the a's and the giant as at at&t park. the a's beat the giants on saturday in practice action in arizona and the defending world series champions will host the a's in san francisco tonight and tomorrow and then it switches to oakland on saturday afternoon. the giants start the regular season on monday facing the
5:43 am
dodgers in los angeles. the a's are at home hosting the seattle mariners on monday night. >> time for a look at weather. weather and the game tomorrow, what is ahead? >> we have a better chance of rain in the weekend but we are in a moist southwest flow providing visibility problems and a lot offing for -- a lot of fog and santa cruz mountains have moisture and on way in, the pavement is wet, so be careful. we will look for the chance of a shower throughout the day today. temperatures are anywhere from 50 in santa rosa, and 54 in napa, and good morning, union city, and 56 to you, los gatos, and 55. it is a mild start out there. the dew points are high. 57 in oakland, as well as san jose and mid-50 on the coast. the forecast, we have been stuck in this regime, day-to-day with a chance of sprinkles today, right on through the early evening hours and a brief warm
5:44 am
up tomorrow with plenty of 70's and more scattered showers in the forecast and better chance on saturday and easter. here is a look at what is going on, looking at cloud cover from time to time, and the moist southwest flow, the system will move over allowing for a chance of rain. through the rest of the day, at 6:00, you will notice some of the activity in the south bay, the east bay, cloudy skies, maybe a little bit of sun, and some areas of light rain from time to time. 4:00 this afternoon, still looking at the hills which you could see a slight shower and a brief ridge tomorrow that will bring sunny and warmer conditions. today, numbers are in the low 60's from half moon bay and 62 in san francisco, and mid-60's across the bay in oakland with 67 in fremont and 70 in san jose and santa cruz, so it is muggy and this evening tonight with the sunset at 7:29 and it will be mild in the upper 50's and a slight chance of a sprinkle or
5:45 am
light shower and dropping through the 50's for the afternoon. a look ahead, it does include warmer day tomorrow with the break, chance of shower on saturday, and brief thunderstorm is possible on easter sunday and dry and milder throughout early next week. new member to the traffic center is leyla gulen. >> hellos to all of you. it has calmed down in the way of accidents. to antioch we are looking at the highway moving in the westbound direction on highway 4. we are looking at slow conditions. 13 miles per hour but it does pick up at 68 miles per hour approaching rail road avenue. the rest of the drive in the westbound direction is looking clear. we did have an accident if place westbound 24, and that is causing slowing through through the tunnel and as you make it just beyond that. as we head out to the santa cruz mountains, the good news the
5:46 am
accident has cleared northbound 17, and some of that volume is starting to clear up, as well. kristen and eric? >> it is 5:48. san francisco attracted millions of tourists each year and this morning, we are expected to find out the economic impact of their visit to the city. today, the san francisco travel association will release their it will -- 2012 tourism industry numbers generating $9 billion in spending and employing over 71,000 people in 2012. >>the state of d.a. -- state of california has filed suit against you and everyone in the world, a preemptive strike against the high-speed rail naming defendants as "all persons interested" covering anyone on earth who could object to this $69 billion project designed to link northern and southern california. the suit was filed under an obscure civil code that states
5:47 am
sue now or forever hold your peace. construction is scheduled to begin in the summer in the central valley. >> straight ahead, engineers return to a powerful landslide that almost wiped out part of a coastal community. >> what is worse, marijuana or alcohol? the answer may not be so clear for people living near a controversial new sign. >> giving away guns to people to fight crime. a man's plan to make his neighborhood safer has now turned him into a
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>> good morning, happening now, more than 600pg and e cuss -- pg&e customers are without customer. originally it was almost 1,500 customers in the dark. the cause is not known but the power company hopes to have the power restored. >> parts of whidbey island in washington state will be closed for the foreseeable future after a landslide. three dozen homes remain evacuated today after a powerful landslide steamrolled the small community overlooking the sound, completely destroying one house. engineers will be back today to determine if the hillside is still slide willing. half an hour from seattle is where this occurred. roads closed and water and power is knocked out to the exclusive
5:51 am
community. >> in arizona, you have heard of gun buybacks what about a gun give away. that is what a tucson man is doing. he says he is planning to hand out free shotguns to people in high crime areas to defend themselves against criminals. the former mayoral candidate said this is models after a program recently launched in houston. the city leaders say the effort is out of touch with community needs and values but he disagrees. >> if you are a criminal, are you going to, if you have a plaque outside of the neighborhood saying this neighborhood is protected by armed citizens, are you going to break-in to that neighborhood? or go to the next neighborhood and the least common denominator? >> he says that the program is funded by donations and will launch in the next several months. if you want a free shotgun you still have to pass a background check. >> we have the bay bridge pre-season, right, tonight and tomorrow night at at&t park, so, i know we need the rain. i hope lisa can schedule it as a
5:52 am
good time for the fans. >> you are in charge of scheduling, let us know. >> we are looking at showers, santa cruz mountains right here around boulder creek and scotts valley but under the radar, the low level moisture and muggy conditions and the fog along the shore. this afternoon, clouds and a chance of a shower and upper 60's around the bay for oakland and san leandro and inland, concord and livermore and 70 and morgan hill and san jose along the coast and upper 50's so it will continue to see the slow-moving system throughout the bay today and then by tomorrow we get a break. if you are headed out of town into southern california, dry skies and lower 70's and 87 in palm springs, and a look ahead, our break tomorrow with a chance of a sure or thunderstorm for easter not looking at at the love rain, then, either. the newest member to our traffic team is leyla gulen checking the
5:53 am
commute. >> this is the drive along westbound 880 approaching the toms. just before you reach treasure i'll, we do have a report of a stalled out big rig blocking the number five lane so watch out for that. as we look further to the north through marin, we have clear conditions along 101 and 66 miles per hour as you head into san rafael, the rest of the drive is looking clear and accident-free. >> welcome, leyla gulen. >> new billboard is turning heads, in portland, oregan, saying "309 is safer than beer or wine." the bigger problem for some, is not the message but the location. it is right across the street from a drug and alcohol treatment center. it replace add giant beer ad for coor's and is doing what it is intended to do, provoke conversation. >> two berkeley 4th graders
5:54 am
are activists to bring a friend home, starting a petition drive on the web to help their classmate who with his parents visited family in mexico and the visas expired and any were denied entry back in the united states and told any had a five year wait to reapply for new visas. the brothers hope they can convince senator feinstein to introduce legislation to help bring the boy and his parents back to the bay area. >> next at 6:00, the north bay 8-year-old shot by an arrow talks to abc7 news about her experience as she is ready to return to school today. >> also ahead, several teenagers , young teens, lead police on a chase down highway 101. >> ahead "consumer reports" reveal what can you to do bring cost down of tickets.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, the north bay 8-year-old shot by appear arrow on a school field trip is going back to school today but first he is revealing details of the ordeal. that is our top story on this thursday morning. >> we both ran into some sprinkles coming in right? enough to slow things down in the morning commute. >> we will check the forecast with lisa argen. >> starting out in the south bay around the santa cruz mountains and central coast, scotts valley, and you will notice
5:58 am
around santa cruz, a little bit of shower activity, the most we are seeing, the lift being provided from the hilly terrain but as you noted we could see an isolated shower through the morning, some mist and drizzle and mild temperatures in the 50's this start out and by the afternoon still in the mid 50's and mostly cloudy skies and some sun with the muggy atmosphere. it will be mild from the morning through the afternoon with 60's around the bay and in fact in the east bay at 64 today, with a chance of a shower in oakland and temperatures are even milder inland, with mostly cloudy sky and maybe a shower. it has been this way day after day with highs from the mid 60's to the upper 60's around the livermore valley and we take that chance of shower right through the early evening hours and tomorrow it looks like our driest and warm of the day out of the next seven. well talk about that later. >> good morning, we have an accident a brand new one involving an overturned vehicle
5:59 am
making your drive right into union city, southbound 880 over on the shoulder and emergency crews are on way. that is causing slowing making the drive in the southbound direction. northbound is not seeing in i delays out there. i want to show you a live shot, a look from san jose, and this is the northbound 280 the head lits are moving smoothly and southbound side is not too bad and accident free. >> we will rope you into telling us about yourself but the school bell will ring in two hours and among the children that will be irishing to class today, the 8-year-old girl shot by an arrow while on a class field trip. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joining us from san rafael and what the little girl is doing. >> she is a tough little girl and wanted to come to school yesterday but given what she was through her mom decided show needed a day of rest. the 8-year-old nadine was shot in the thigh with a


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